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Forge Causes Crashes

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Had DST for less than a year so I've never played the forge, so it was a big surprise when i discovered that the forge crashes not only mu game but those of my friends and other's I've seen on this forum. While clearly not everyone is having these problems, for those of us who do it's annoying to be unable to play an event only available once a year.

Thanks in advance for any help

Steps to Reproduce
Launch DST Join or Create a Forge server Linger in the lobby for more than 30 seconds or If you manage to play a round, entering the lobby again will cause the game to crash 100% of the time

User Feedback

Hello @sageous.h, welcome to the forums. Always attach a copy of your client_log.txt file found in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether, when you make reports about crashes. That way it can help the devs figure out the cause of the random crashes people get.

But since you're crashing every time you're back in the lobby again right AFTER a match, then the logs may provide more info. Since it's on a specific moment that crashed. Were you given experience? Or you never even get to that?

Always provide logs, when crash happens.

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