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Forced slide to interactable

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Not sure what causes this. Sometimes the game will think I was trying to use something a distance away from me, usually a couple of steps, rarely a huge chunk of the map away. When that happens, the character will freeze and slide towards the intractable at walking speeds, usually a chest, though not exclusively.

The issue with this bug is that you cannot cancel this behavior, as your controls become completely frozen. I just died because the game started sliding my character towards somewhere right as night fell, causing me to die from the scary night lady.

I play on PC using an Xbox One game pad. I've only had this problem on Wurt, but I haven't played a different character in a while, so it might not be exclusive to her.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Try to interact with some form of object, i.e. chop a tree
  2. ???
  3. Your character freezes and begins to slide to another unrelated intractable in order to perform an action with it, i.e. open a chest.
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