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FMOD Error: An invalid object handle was used.

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When starting my dedicated server, I always have this error message in my log.
Everything seems to work well though.

I used this guid to set it up:

I have no mods enabled and deleted the save folder from overworld and caves. This log entry is still there.

I wonder what this error entry means? When I start a normal game without server, the error does not appaer.

My cluster.ini:

game_mode = endless
max_players = 10
pvp = false
pause_when_empty = true

cluster_name = Serp Server
cluster_description = Welcome
cluster_password = ***
cluster_intention = social
autosaver_enabled = true
enable_vote_kick = false
lan_only_cluster = true

console_enabled = true

shard_enabled = true
bind_ip =
master_ip =
master_port = 11001
cluster_key = dst

and server.ini:

server_port = 10999

is_master = true

master_server_port = 12346
authentication_port = 12345


Steps to Reproduce
Start dedicated server
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