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fix the methues puzzle

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hello there ,

me and 4 of my friends having an issue with the puzzle site

one of them it refused to connect us together no matter how many times we tried it always delete the code we copy for me and send him to an error page . 

2nd one we were able to enter the code but the 2nd torch never  turn on it gives a small light just to see the torch but you cant see the 2nd pc .

3rd and 4th the torch is fixed we enter the 2nd stage but it doesn't give you any light we literately placed every block in every slot and give us nothing 0 lights , or some times it give us 2 lights and stops and when we check the torches they are out but it doesn't reset .

this is all the stuff the happen will trying to solve it with them please fix , thanks for your effort :) . 

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i don't know :(

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