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Feeding spiders tames less if friendly spiders are closer than wild spiders to fed target

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Notice how in the first image, there's a wild spider, 3 tame spiders, then 2 wild ones.

Now, normally, if I feed a spider, I would tame 3 at once. So I fed the one on the left, but only THAT spider got tamed. The rest are still wild.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Have some friendly spiders
2. Feed a wild spider while a friendly spider is closer to it than another wild spider
3. Notice how you tame less than 3 spiders per meat despite the fact that there are enough nearby spiders

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

A possible fix would be changing lines 125-153 in spider.lua to this.
So that the maxSpiders value will only decrease if the spider does not already have a leader.


if giver.components.leader ~= nil then
    local spiders = GetOtherSpiders(inst, 15)

    for i, v in ipairs(spiders) do
        if v ~= inst and not v.components.follower. then
            if maxSpiders <= 0 then

            if == giver then
            elseif giver.components.leader ~= nil and
                v.components.follower ~= nil and
                v.components.follower.leader == nil then
                if not playedfriendsfx then
                    playedfriendsfx = true

                maxSpiders = maxSpiders - 1

                 if v.components.sleeper:IsAsleep() then

            maxSpiders = maxSpiders - 1

            if v.components.sleeper:IsAsleep() then



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