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Eyeplant spawning issues in fight with bee queen

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See thread (link at the bottom) for more details and screenshots.

Eyeplant-spawning seems to be bugged (or I'm misunderstanding the mechanics), exhibited in a fight with bee queen. After 1-2 days of bee queen's presence, the eyeplants within bee queen's range will stop spawning. After a server restart in this situation, the eyeplants will start spawning (1 by 1) immediately after starting the sim, but the spawn pattern is erratic - the radius of the spawn ring is visibly greater, and large areas within it still don't have any eyeplants (though this may be because the enlarged radius now causes in-fighting between eyeplants from different lureplants).

Also replicated with almost no mods (only "Fix for Too many items"). Game save before replication attached.



Steps to Reproduce
Place several fleshy bulbs in a patter of 7x7 tiles near honey patch Lure bee queen and grumble bees into eyeplants. Observe as eyeplants stop spawning, even as the bulb still hangs the lure.

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