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Everyone on my server is getting game freeze

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When i host server on my pc, other people can join. After a while a person experiences a 'stuck'. All the animations are still going but the player cant move. When player presses w a s d key they dont see their character moving, but the host (me) can see them move.

I was hosting server multiple times before this and never had such an issue. It just happend one day and i cant fix it anymore.

I already tried checking files integrity, reinstalling steam and game, adding exceptions to anty-virus and firewall software, turning off anty-wirus and firewall, changing world sizes, turning off caves, turning off mods, turning off all other background softwares, checking my connection stability, connecting via wifi, connecting via cable

Solved: It was due to internet protocol ipv6. Issue disapeared once I asked my internet provider to switch back to ipv4

Steps to Reproduce
I don't think it can be reproduced

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