Every character says "only_used_by_warly" on Walters tent

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It seems like whenever someone wants to get in my tent when it's already in use. It just says this "only_used_by_warly"

Mod in use during this event: Default Dance Server, Detailed Tooltips, DST Path Lights, Extended Indicators, Extra Equip Slots, FinderMod, Global Positions, Health Info, Increased Stack size, More Actions, Wormhole Marks, Camp Security, Scary Stories For Walter, Wuzzy The Buzzy


Steps to Reproduce

1. have someone sleep in the tent 
2. attempt to go in there yourself and trigger the dialogue  

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User Feedback

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I use mods that don't interact with stuff like that and I also get the notif. Appears also on public servers. It's not mods. 

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I am not able to reproduce this bug myself (0 server mods and 0 client-side mods).

I can't try to enter the tent when another person is inside it either to try and reproduce it; it only gives the option to examine the Walter Tent when in use. (Two players trying to enter the tent at the same time doesn't give an examine line when the 2nd player fails to enter the tent).

Examination lines for both tents in use and not in use don't reproduce the "only_used_by_warly" line; just the same examine line for both states.

Try disabling all server & client-side mods, verify the integrity of your game files, and try to replicate this bug again. If it doesn't happen again, its most likely due to a mod.

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I don't think this was related to mods. I believe this should be fixed now, but hasn't received extensive testing yet. Let me know if you run in to any further issues!

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