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Enters say/chat when attacked by bees- which kills me as my character stops running.

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Im not sure if this happens when attacked by other things as i havent tested it out, but twice now i have been killed by killer bees because when one sting me- i neter say/ chat mode automaticly- which makes my character stop running and standing still (because the say/chat is on) (this has happened when deerclops was chasing me and i tried to bait him into the bee hives)

I play on pc with no mods, I use a ps4 controller for this.
at no other point in the game has my controller enteres chat mode by itself, and i dont use keyboard as i communicate on voice chat.

Steps to Reproduce
enter winter make small campt next to lots of bees deerclops spawn- chases you around killer beehives bees spawn and ting you boom- you are dead as your character stops running and bees kills you fast

User Feedback

since i dont type anyway, i figured i could just disable the chat completly on the controller.

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By default, chat is toggled by pressing down on the (L) stick on controllers, so it's possible that it was accidentally pressed while trying to run around.

To unbind this, go to the settings screen and unbind the "Toggle Say" action button.

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