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Empty ruins

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i was rushing the ruins and when i got there i noticed everwhere was empty 

no slurtles no monkeys no clockworks or statues 

when i explored a big place and found nothing i decided to cheat to see if it was actually empty 



it turned out to be fully empty except some spiders


then i tought i should kill fuelweaver to see if anything comes back out of curiousity

well everything did came back but since ancient guardian didnt spawn it was impossible to rush the ruins even in the hard way 

i saved the game for before i started cheating because server log from both copies might be needed to figure out whats wrong 

server_log.txt (before starting cheating)

server_log.txt (after killing fuelweaver) 

i killed fuelweaver to see what kind of worldgen bug was this 

like is the spawners are still there but game just didnt let anything spawn 

or the game didnt spawn the spawners in the first place

spawners were still there its just nothing spawned


i guess thats the karma for making server name a rickroll :P


Steps to Reproduce

i dont have any idea how this happened sorry 

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User Feedback

On 9/12/2021 at 6:54 PM, HumanBean150 said:

I had the same thing happen as Woodie a couple of month back, no idea what caused it.

Did you have any mods on?

i did but nothing to change worldgen 


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