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Eaters without diets

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There are several creatures that are made livestock with MakeFeedableSmallLivestock but they do not have a diet set. This allows them to be fed any "Edible" item.

A few strange examples:

  • Feed a Carrot to a Mosquito (they're vegetarians now?)
  • Feed a Monster Jerky to a Rabbit (they're carnivores now?)
  • Feed a Bacon & Eggs to a Butterfly (how does that even work?)

I am playing in the new reign beta branch, but I seem to recall a time when Butterflies could only be fed Flowers, Bees could only be fed Honey, Rabbits could only be feed Carrots (maybe Berries and other vegetables and fruits as well? Not sure).

Expected result:

  • Butterfly¬†can only be fed Flowers Petals (I would also accept¬†Honey)
  • Bee can only be feed Honey or Royal Jelly
  • Killer Bee can only be feed Honey or Royal Jelly
  • Rabbit can only be feed Carrot (possibly other vegetables)

There are possibly more livestock creatures without diets, I'm not at my computer that has the game installed so I can't search the prefabs right now.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Install and run the new reign beta branch of DST 2. use the console command c_give to give yourself a Bee, Killer Bee, Mosquito, Butterfly, and Rabbit 3. use the console command c_give to give yourself a Carrot, Berries, Monster Meat, Honey, Flower Petals 4. Pick up each of the food items onto your cursor and mouse over each of the "livestock" creatures in your inventory. All of these food items can be fed to all of the creatures.

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