Duplicate Loyalty Item in Dont Starve Together

  • Known Issue

I brought the MEGA Bundle when it was on sale a few months ago, and got both my mini monument and birdcage skins from them.


I have started playing again about a week ago, (the new crafting system is a godsent), and when I opened the game, was presented with a present thanking me for playing Shipwrecked. I opened it and then saw a Loyalty Birdcage.


I have 2 pyshical copies in my Steam Inventory and 2 in my Treasury.


Any explanation and does it need to be removed from my inventory?

Is this a common bug?



Steps to Reproduce
Own SW DLC Possible update thinks I have not redeemed it before and gave me another copy. I opened the game as normal and was presented with the Birdcage alongside the Valentine Items a week ago.

Status: Known Issue

We are aware of this issue and have it logged internally but either we do not have a fix ready yet or we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future.

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User Feedback


There were a couple of accounts that didn't have their Shipwrecked and Reign of Giants keys recorded properly as being used, so now under the new system where the loyal items are automatically granted, the system saw that your key wasn't used yet, so it granted the item to you a second time. You can hold on to the item as a memory of this bug, or I can remove the duplicate from your account. :) Just let me know what you'd like done.

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