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DST unable to play with friends after Steam Chat Update

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I am able to play just fine alone, however, with Friends under the MP Tab for hosting, the server is almost non-existant to steam. I don't blame DST for this, I just think it's unfair that Steam didn't give any warning of this happening as it makes it act like certain games need a type of recognition to steam now for their games to sync and allow players to invite through Steam.

What I also recommend is an in-game invitation system. I tested my connection on other games and everything seems to work, besides DST. I highly recommend having a MP Invitation In-Game system as it would hopefully help this scenario. I made sure there was player slots and had the right tabs open.

Side Note: This was working just fine last night before I updated the Steam Chat Update. If it's anyone's fault, it's probably steam.


I made sure my internet was connected, and I was signed in. This issue does not appear on other games, just DST.

I have made a post about this on the Steam Discussions too, but I don't know. Me and him are still confused on the scenario, but having an invitation option for DST is unavailable for MP for us.

Steps to Reproduce
> Logged in > Hosted a server > Made sure "Friends" and Available Player Slots were checked > Attempted to Invite through Steam Overlay > No Option available (Even if the friend had the window open, they would greeted by "Server not responding" > Hosted a Server > Made sure "Friends" and Available Player Slots were checked > Had friend find the server through 'Browse Games' > Same return with "Server not responding"

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