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DST stuck at "Server is Generating World" when adding caves

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DST is stuck at "Server is Generating World" when adding caves and attempting to host a game. I have uninstalled all mods, removed the mods folder in my steam directory for the game, and reinstalled the game. The game can generate a world if I do not add caves. My computer is powerful enough to run this.

The only thing I see from the client_log.txt is the below:
[00:17:30]: DelDirectory [APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/client_save/session/2AA0286C9A3CB94C] 2: FAILED
[00:17:30]: Failed to delete session APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/client_save/session/2AA0286C9A3CB94C

When I check that directory doesn't exist, I'm not sure it ever gets created for the game to delete. I have attached my client_log.txt

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Steps to Reproduce
Launch Game Click "Play!" Click "Host Game" Click "New World" on the left Click "Cooperative" Type a password in the "Password:" field Click on "Caves" at the top of the screen Click on "Add Caves" Click "Generate World"
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I have a similar issue.

As far as suggestions go, mine would be to wait for the end of Gorge. Perhaps, some things are set to work differently in favor of the event, but they currently break the vanilla game. I suppose, if the devs don't provide a fix by then, when the event is over everything should be reverted to the way it was.

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Thanks for the suggestion, that does sound quite similar. I'll definitely try it again after the Gorge event.

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