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DST crashes when I press a binded button. How do I fix this?

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After not playing for a long time, I reinstalled the game to play with friends. When at the main menu or in the game, pressing a binded button(WASD, Spacebar) freezes my game which forces me to shut it down. Although, it is playable because I am still able to play or navigate in the game using my mouse or join my friend's server. How do I fix this so that I won't have to use my mouse(makes kiting a struggle)?

I also use steam to play this game and used mods. Idk if that's helpful. :wilson_cry:

*UPDATE: I am able to use my xbox one controller to play the game.*




Steps to Reproduce
I could not do anything when this happened because the game was frozen but after 2 mins or so the game pops up a window that says "end process" and "cancel". I also had the taskbar open when playing the game so that I can easily close the game.

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