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DST audio does not swap to new default output device

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When playing Don't Starve Together, at times I like to swap audio devices (external speakers, or headsets) or play DST via Steam streaming on my laptop (which will swap the output device to Steam Steaming Speakers). However, once the game has launched, swapping to any other audio device will kill all sound for the game, and it can only be fixed by restarting the game while the new device is the current system default. This is also true when Steam Streaming, where if I don't set the default audio device to Steam Streaming Speakers on the PC that's the source of the stream, then the audio for the game will just not work on the receiving end.

This is a minor annoyance, but it has been part of the game for a long time and I wanted to file a bug report to bring it to your attention if it's not already.


Steps to Reproduce

Launch DST, then minimize and switch the system default audio device (for example, by clicking the speaker icon in the system tray in Windows 10 and selecting a different output device). This will kill audio for the game.

Similarly, have the audio device set to anything other than Steam Streaming Speakers and attempt to Steam Stream the game from that PC to some other device (namely a laptop running Windows 10 and Steam in my case). Audio will not work.

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User Feedback

This has happened to me too multiple times when i have the game already open and y plug my usb headset there is no audio from the headset but there is on my laptops speaker. I thought it was just a problem from my pc but since it's happening to you too i'm pointing out just to see if this can be fixed, thank you!.

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Wow, I didn't realise this (audio device switching) didn't work on Windows either, thought only us minority-platform-users were left in the dark silence.

FWIW, DST on Mac does switch audio output device.. when its current device is yanked from the system (disconnect BT speaker, USB headphone, etc.). Eventually it's stuck on the builtin sound card and it's time to restart the game.


In many cases, SDL will quietly move to new default audio devices on your behalf if you’ve opened the default device. If you’ve opened a specific one by name, even if happened to be the system’s default device, it won’t migrate.


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