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Drop disappeared :(

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I got a skin drop and received an elegant bowler hat (My first elegant drop! *sob*), only to be disappointed by not being able to click the use button (was grayed out for some reason) and then to notice that it did not even find its way to my steam inventory. 

I did turn my profile to offline (but that dosent make steam run in offline mode does it? it didnt do this before)

tried logging back in, but did not help :(

please help!

I have only seen one post about something similar, and copied the client_log.txt below 


Steps to Reproduce
I was hosting my own game when this happened

User Feedback

Hey @ashnugget, that isn't isn't usable when you get the drop because it's a skin for the tophat in-game which is an item you need to craft. You may not have seen the item in Steam until after you close the game. I've check your inventory and you still have the hat, so please try logging in again.

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If logging in again doesn't show the item in your collection screen. Please try going to your Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_save folder and deleting the inventory_cache file.

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