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dontstarvetogether_steam.exe has stopped working. Clearing Minimap crash?

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Experiencing crash to desktop whilst playing Dont Starve Together, usually within the first two minutes of joining a map. According to the log, the last thing done is "clearing minimap". See attached log.


Hope its fixed soon!


Update: Added another client log as an attachment. This time, I tried using a minimap mod. Didnt help.


Steps to Reproduce
Simply try to play the game. Crash only occurs after loading a map.
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User Feedback

Hey there, first thing to try is to disable/delete all mods from your game to see if that helps resolve the issue. 

Also, if you have either a) upgraded/updated Windows 10 recently or b) updated your AMD Radeon graphics card, try the troubleshooting steps in the link provided to resolve the issue:

Should the issue persist, please provide us with your most recent client_log.txt file.

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