Don't Starve Together mods not working (for steam)

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Hello! My girlfriend has a problem with her Don't Starve Together mods. Me and her subscribed to the same mods on steam, yet she can only have ~10-15 mods working, while the rest say Workshop-######. I've tried deleting this, and seeing what I could do through the Discord servers and they led me here. Any help on how to fix this would be great!

Steps to Reproduce

Download mods from Steam (subscribing to them)

Open the game

Check mods

Won't appear/ will appear as Workshop-######

User Feedback

On 10/25/2021 at 2:32 PM, JanH said:

Hi there, from what you have described, it sounds like there is something affecting the game's ability to access mod files saved on the hard drive. Please have them follow all of the steps in our troubleshooting guide for this specific issue:

Thank you for the response! I've tried both ways listed there and neither has worked. For the second version (link at bottom of that page) it mentions finding the workshop number and deleting the empty files, but they're not showing up (Client and Server mods) for the Don't Starve Together directory. Is there another possible way to fix this? Thanks!

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