Don't Starve Together is crashing on startup

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Hello there,

I have this problem where everytime I launch DST it will crash at the start of the menu, and this has been happening recently after the last update. I've tried re-downloading the game a few times and verifying the intregrity of the game files, but nothings seems to work. The OS I'm running is Microsoft windows 10.


DST Launching Error.PNG


Steps to Reproduce
Joining a friend's game, exiting the game because the window froze for too long on menu, and re-launching don't starve together.

User Feedback

Would you be able to provide us a copy of your game's "morgue" file? Your error message is indicating that the issue is located there and it would be helpful for us if we can investigate this further.

You will find your morgue file in \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_save\ "morgue"

Once you have provided us with morgue file, feel free to delete that morgue file from your client_save folder to resolve the issue.

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