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Dont Starve Black Screen When I Press Host Game

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Whenever I press Host Game in the main menu (Not to be confused with selecting one of the worlds), there is a black screen that lasts a long time, usually more than 5 minutes. After this, when I click on one of the worlds it says not responding, and I have to exit the game.
However, when I press Browse Games, everything loads fine, and I am able to join a world. So I usually ask my friends to host a world, but sometimes I want to play solo but I cant.

I've tried many fixes including verifying the integrity of the game files, moving the game location to my SSD, updating my BIOS, and reinstalling the game, but no results.

My Specs:

Gigabyte GeForce Gtx 1050 Ti

AMD Ryzen 5 1400

ASRock AB350 Fatal1ty Gaming K4 Motherboard

(2x) 4gb DDR4 2400 MT/s



After it loads past the black screen, it stays frozen here.

This is what my task manager looks like:

Edit: I managed to start a world and got this error message:

Steps to Reproduce
Don't Starve has always run flawlessly, but recently my friend gave me his old hard drive because I needed more space, so I moved most of my games to my hard drive, and ever since, DST hasn't been loading when I press host game.

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