Divining Rod is not showing up.

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The divining rod is not showing up in any tab. I've tried it with mods enabled, no server mods, and no server or client mods. Yet the divining rod does not show up in any tab. 

Steps to Reproduce
I rushed an alchemy engine during every attempt to test this and it never showed.

User Feedback

The Divining Rod is only possible to get in Don't Starve (for the discoverable adventure mode) and is not in Don't Starve Together.

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Actually there is divining rod in dst but its not craftable anymore just like those others but they are not craftable like (Teleportato,Maxwell Door,Teleportato Parts and Human meat and one other thing called Friend-o-matic (Note: i think it should be used to enter generate SW (when it will be out of course) world and it only could use admin because people would troll) )

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