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Disconnecting on Solo Sever at Day 20ish

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Despite having stable internet connection, whenever I try to play, I'll only get a few minutes before disconnecting. I am hosting this server and I'm playing solo on it. If I try to create a new world, I'll be able to play as normal until around day 20 (give or take a one or two days) until the disconnecting issue happens again. I have done this 4 times now, each time with different characters, disabling a few mods and even using LAN connection instead of WiFi but the issue doesn't seem to be effected in any sort of way.

I used pretty standard mods: Geometric Placement, Combined Stats, Food Values/Item tips, Health info and Minimap HUD. (I've played the game with these mods for a very long time so I doubt that they are the problem)

I've played with Wolfgang, WX, and Winona. 

Please help, Autumn is my least favourite season and I'm kinda bored of exploring the map over and over again. 



Steps to Reproduce
1. create world 2. play as you would until day 18-22 3. game says I have been disconnected from my own server even though my internet connection is completely ok

User Feedback

Hello @cookie2-, welcome to the forums.

Always attach log files when you're having issues. Even if you've sure it's not due to mods, there's a possibility that it is. Also on top of getting the client_log.txt also get server_log.txt under the Master folder of the corresponding Server.

If you used Slot 5 in the Host Game screen, the server_log.txt in question would be in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_5\Master.

If possible, make the game disconnect you AND then get your log files so you'll be 100% sure the logs will reflect the moment of disconnection.

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Hi, I added (or what I believe to be) the client_log.txt and sever_log.txt files. I also waited until disconnecting, which happened on day 15 in this particular world. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm fairly new to the forums so I had no idea I had to include such files. Hopefully this'll help.  

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The logs show crash in the "Unbreakable Thermal Stones!" mod. In fact, most recent comment on the mod page complains about a crash (not sure if this is your case):


This crashes the game under specific circumstances.
If it is added to a server that already has thermal stones made, it crashes. It only works on newly generated worlds.
If the thermal stones temperature goes from hot to cold, it crashes the game.
I uninstalled this and my game now works perfectly fine.
Please fix this mod, because right now this mod is useless if the thermal stones are ever used during Winter and Summer because it crashes the game.

I don't think the bug with it needing to be used on newly generated worlds needs to be fixed, this is something that happens with multiple other mods. It is basically a part of using specific mods.

Try disabling that mod and see if it helps.

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I disabled the mod and it looks like it solved the issue! I completely forgot I had this but now that its gone, the game seems to be running perfectly fine. 

Thank you for your suggestion, it helped a lot.

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