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Disconnected From Every Single World.

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First of all let me just apologize if any of this comes off as rude because I am EXTREMELY infuriated right now.

It does not matter WHAT world I am in, I spawn into a world, cannot move, and get disconnected. This happens in my worlds both online and off, with or without mods, in other peoples worlds, or even LAN worlds. The last two days me and my sister have been playing DST (Again, we've tried MANY worlds with all different settings both with and WITHOUT mods.) and I absolutely cannot play. In the current world we have I physically cannot move without getting disconnected. We never had any issue playing DS or DST on console together but for whatever reason this will not run. My internet can hold a laptop, xbox one, and PS4 running games, 2 phones and iPads on youtube at one time with absolutely no issues to any of it. Her and I are currently the only two devices connected to the internet as we've turned off and disconnected everything else in an attempt to help. We are on the SAME network and her game is running beautifully but I cannot do ANYTHING. I also noticed in every world the problems seem to start after so many days. I think around day 30 or 40 is when they get bad. We have the same laptop, running the same things, etc. The only difference is she is subscribed to plenty more mods than me and has more things taking up space on her laptop, so if anything SHE should be having problems. Even when I'm the host to the world this still happens no matter what. On top of that, If by some miracle I get to move for 10 minutes, I cannot go to sleep without disconnecting and then the server tells me its unable to be reached. I then have to completely close DST and steam and re log in just to get the world to load.

This is even more irritating to me as I was a beta player for both DS and DST and even then I did not run into ANY issue like this. I see I'm not the only person with this disconnecting issue but every page I've found was not fixed and was closed or the issue was something as simple as mods or bad internet, which obviously is not the case here.

Steps to Reproduce
Just owning DST.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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