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My log camp in don't starve turned into a bermuda triangle.
I have left four logs laying on the ground as well as three stumps of cut evergreens for decoration.

At some point the stumps as well two logs of the four laying nearby all disappeared, what is even more bizarre is that a nearby chest which was full of logs was emptied completely and every time that I attempted to store any more logs in it they eventually all disappear except for one stack.
Even breaking down the chest and building a new one in its stead didn't fix the issue, the logs always disappear save for the last stack.

Steps to Reproduce
Unfortunately I have no idea how to replicate the issue but I think it has something to do with lightning strikes, which are usually culprits of all sorts of iffy behaviors in my playthroughs. It was spring and raining with a lighting rod nearby that might have triggered the moment when the logs disappeared.
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Dear fellow player,I had some  weird bug possible related with yours  as well.  My logs and seeds from the  slots  and backpack just  vanish in thin air! 

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I can confirm too, I still witness such bug once in a while. Stumps, logs and pine cones disappear eventually if i just leave them lying on the ground (in caves) at first partially and then completely. Also i remember how several stacks of charcoal disappeared from chest (in caves).

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