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DirectX Install crash

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My friend just bought a new notebook, but she can not play DST. When she tries to play, a message appears saying that it is configuring for its first run and installing DirectX... Them the message closes and that is it. For a second or so she appears in my steam "playing DST", but do not. 

We tried things stated here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1854779-dst-is-crashing-dst-won-t-start

She tried to update the system, reinstall video card drivers, set up the DST to run on video card, reinstall steam,reinstall the game, verify game data integrity, reinstall DirectX via end-user installation, tried to run DXSetup in DST folder, tried to run VCRedist in DST folder, with no results. She has DirectX 12 installed on a activated Windows 10 home singe language, Video Card NVidia MX110, processor i5 8th gen, 8gb ram. When trying to install directx, dxsetup or VCRedist there is a error message: system error.

There is no log file in the DST folder in Documents. 

I am posting for her since she does not knows English.

What can we do?



Steps to Reproduce
Double click Don't Starve Together on Steam library

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