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Deerclops simply do not take damage

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This is the second time that this happens to me, whenever I try to fight against the deerclops in the winter something happens and he does not get beat up.

Steps to Reproduce
I was playing with the wolf gang and the other person was playing with the librarian. We were surviving quietly until the deerclops showed up and I wanted to fight with him to catch the eye. this is where the BUG appears it takes no damage

User Feedback

Hey there, Amebah. I gave this reply to a similar thread posted a bit before yours, but I think it should help.


16 hours ago, Extant said:

Hi there, whocaresv2.0. I know that this is a very common question to ask, but do you have lag compensation turned on in your options settings?

If you do have it on, try turning it off. Should you already have this option off and you're still missing hits, it might be a problem associated with a mod. Otherwise, your connection might be having issues.

Hopefully this helps. Not being able to land any hits is very frustrating, I know.


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