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Deerclops odd spawning

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A couple of winters now the Deerclops have been spawning oddly. This all started back when "a new reign" was released.

First it Spawned right before the snow of winter came, then it spawned a little bit after. And now when winter arrived we were prepaired, yet nothing. I heard the sound when in our base and headed out, while my friend stayed behind and got the warning. Then nothing. We looked around the base for like two days and didn't get any further warnings, so we decided to head north and chop some wood, then out of nowhere the Deerclops spawned in-front of us, later then expected but still earlier than it should.

What is the deal?

Steps to Reproduce
New Reign installed on server.

User Feedback

My prediction is deer will spawn in random locations looking for structures to destroy, and deer will spawn on a random day in winter, but its predictable because if you fight deer at the end of winter, next winter you will get him early, just remember which winter day he spawn (beginning,middle and end of winter) and deer would be ahead a bit in the winter days next winter.

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