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Deerclops Issues

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Been having issues with Deerclops on various servers for some time now but could not tell if it was worth reporting or not. Each winter no matter what, there are multiple times of the Deerclops "growls" happening as if there will be a Deerclops spawn. Typically this occurs 2-3 times per winter. About 50% of the time no Deerclops spawns at all, or Deerclops that do spawn despawn when morning arrives. It is not a lost Deerclops as I have camped next to them and they simply vanish when morning comes. Then there is the "real" or permanent Deerclops spawn that occurs without any warning or "growl" what-so-ever and spawns near my base whether I am there or not. I have come back to my base to find a Deerclops waiting for me, idling next to buildings until I get close enough for him to activate. This Deerclops remains in the world and is killable. It also spawns near large clusters of pig houses, merm huts or alternative/smaller bases, if they have been discovered on the map. But does not spawn near the player or have any incoming warning sounds or character response.

It should be noted that all servers used are private servers with only one player active at a time, myself. As this is very difficult for me to self-test without using moderator commands and manipulating my character around the server, I do not have all the information possible. This is also why I refrained from reporting the issue until now.

Steps to Reproduce
Winter Season
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