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Dedicated Server stuck at "Registering the server in lobby"

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Hey. Just entered and wanted to play on my dedicated server. Noticed the dedicated server update. Then started Servers like I usually do.

Just to never see the server in the "Browse" section.

After taking a closer look at the Overworld Server's window, I noticed the last line inside the window is: "Registering master server in EU lobby".

The Cave Window seems to have loaded fine (last line: "Sim paused"). Only to have another line that says: "Registering slave in EU lobby".

Somehow the servers are not connecting with EU lobby? I didn't modify anything around my PC to make it malfunction. I am sure it was the last update that malfunctioned it.

I don't really know where the log file for the server is located so if you need to see that, guide me to where it is.

Edit: It seems that "Validating portal [1] <-> *Number*[1] (disabled)" from my Overworld Window might be the issue. What should I do because caves seem fine?

Edit 2: Ok after a PC restart and another Dedicated Server update it works. That portal is still disabled though!

Steps to Reproduce
Go to Library-Tools, Right click "Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server", Local Files-Browse Local files, go to ...\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin\scripts, open "launch_preconfigured_servers.bat" then wait for the server to not appear in the "Browse Games" section.

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