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Dedicated Server Issue Caves

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I'm havening problem with getting the dedicated server for Caves to work for my friend, since I can leave the cave and re- enter with no issue but my friend getts an Server timed out when he try`s to go up to the world above the caves and gets the response to Yell louder. I tried the guide (Linked it below) but not sure if I did everything right. 

I don't not know if this is a bug our an issue, but I do whant help so I can make a server that makes caves re enter for up and down going for outers to.



New Text Document.txt



Steps to Reproduce
I'm hosting my dedicated server with caves on my pc, I have no problem with the Caves, but hose that join can't re enter the ground above since the game crashes? with an Server time out. That`s make Does how join automatically getts out logged.

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