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Dedicated server failed to start

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So I was playing a normal game without mods and without caves and i was on like day 40 (spring started) and i disconnected from server and exited the game. When I came back and i wanted to play on that server (I was the host) it just said that I'm on "Day 1" without anything like "early spring" or something. When I tried to connect on that server it just said "Dedicated server failed to start, please try again" That bug happened again and again and almost everytime I left the game when i came back it was at "Day 1". I don't know if it was caused by mods because as i said earlier it 1st happened on server without mods Inked20170307141046_1_LI.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
1.New Reign Beta 2. Host the dedicated server 3. Play for some time and leave 4. Come back

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