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Dedicated Server Failed to Start

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I'm on PC and after updating a mod and trying to load I'm getting "dedicated server failed to load" message. 
So now I'm trying to create a new world, no mods at all, nothing, and all I get is this message and can't load any worlds. I'm kind of upset, I really don't want to lose my world I worked so hard on! Deep breaths, try and fix it.  Any help on how to proceed would be really appreciated. I don't even know what I need to upload or how to get there in order to get some help, I've just attached what it recommends below.

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Caves were my issue. Try to copy the caves server in the cluster file and putting it somewhere safe. Then delete it. Does your world start then? If so, it's a cave issue. My friend and I are experiencing the same. I'm also unable to start a world with caves now which has never happened before.

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