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Death by Shenanigans on spawn

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Has happened twice on my server at this time.
First time was a few days ago, I was playing with commands and sent the "pushevent 'death' " command to an empty "allplayer" slot (slot six), few minutes later a player spawned on that slot and died instantly.
Today, however, I didn't push any death commands, I haven't tried to kill anyone ever since that first occurrence, still someone spawned on slot nine, per console, and slot six, per pressing tab ingame and died. I havent ever tried to push deaths on those slots, the only ones I did were 2 and 6. Even stranger is that someone had spawned on slot nine just a few minutes ago, server was on 11/12, banned two griefers and someone disconnected, became 8/12, then the person joined and died. In the span of 5 minutes tops.

As I recall both deaths happened on the first phase of the day.

That leads me to three questions:

Is there a comand cache or queue that the console sets to comands that cant be run at a given time?
Is there a way to clear that cache?
Is there a known bug with death by Shenanigans on spawn?

Prior to experimenting with the command I had not seen anything like this happening, which leads me to believe it has something to do with that.

Steps to Reproduce
Using death command, observing strange behaviour afterwards.

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