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Death by darkness when there is still visible light

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Ok so, i was playing Don't Starve Together with a friend when the night started, we built a firecamp with plenty of wood to give lots of light around the area, that's when i noticed some rocks to mine. I went to mine them (the light was reaching that area, just very little light).

The Darkness monster (which i forgot the name sorry =P) Was coming, and wilson was already saying his phrase. I was like: "I can see this area, the darkness monster can't kill me.." and he actually killed me... 

I think this may be becouse i enabled "Bloom" and makes me see a little better(?) Anyaways just thought it would be an important bug to report here to Klei. 

I hope this helped, also sorry for the bad english, I'm writing this in a hurry.

Steps to Reproduce
Have the "Bloom" enabled. Build a campfire and go around it, if you're doing it right, the darkness will kill you even if there is still light.

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