d2fr86khx60an2 is filtered but d26ly0au0tyuy isn't

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Hi, I have a same problem as this, but I found out something that is about my country:

When I load the http://d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net/ I get this result:   https://pasteboard.co/JwOErwJ.png In my country it means this website is blocked by government. But when I load the https://d26ly0au0tyuy.cloudfront.net/ I get a normal result (as it should be). Is there a way that I touch game files and change http://d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net/ to https://d26ly0au0tyuy.cloudfront.net/ ??

Steps to Reproduce

Following the steps of this question and finding out the fact that it is blocked by my own country

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