CURL error causes that players can not be authenticated and can not connect between the shards

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This issue happens at least twice per week while we host five servers with the shards. The problem is that all players can not connect to the other shard (the caves or the master). We can fix this problem only by restarting the server or waiting like an hour. 


I noticed this is the major issue (Master log):

[22:35:29]: CURL ERROR: ( Operation too slow. Less than 5 bytes/sec transferred the last 60 seconds
[22:35:29]: [ValidateGameSessionTokenResponse] Network Failure (0)
[22:35:29]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_GAME_SESSION_AUTH_FAILED
[22:35:38]: [Shard] Migration by user ('KU_SFlxL9Pf') failed (178). 

and cave log:

[22:35:38]: [Shard] Migration for KU_SFlxL9Pf timed out.
[22:35:38]: [Shard] Cancelling pending migration #130 for (KU_SFlxL9Pf)
[22:35:38]: Registering master server in EU lobby

meanwhile client log:

[01:41:20]: Connection accepted to|14001 <8773861673417112171>
[01:41:20]: Network external address discovered:|65197
[01:41:20]: SendClientHandShakePacket to <8773861673417112171>
[01:41:46]: focus lost
[01:41:54]: focus gained
[01:41:55]: focus lost
[01:42:08]: focus gained
[01:42:09]: focus lost


Full master log:
Full caves log:
Client log is in the attachment. However this one might be outdated.


Steps to Reproduce

See the issue description.

User Feedback

To bump and add additional context: I have some logs and packet captures of this happening in real-time.

There appears to be a one minute delay from your server which you can see between packet 31 to 32.

This is happening more and more frequently. A resolution would be appreciated

capture.pcap log.txt

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