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Crashes when attempting to join servers.

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When I open DST, it runs fine, but when I try to connect to my friend's or any random server, the game crashes and says dontstarvetogether.exe has stopped responding. I can't find my .mdmp file in the bin folder for Steam either.


Steps to Reproduce
Connect to a DST online server with my computer problems

User Feedback

Hello @scribblenauty, welcome to the forums.

Seems like an issue with the auto-subscribe feature. It should work as intended that when you don't have a specific server's mods downloaded on your client, the game will automatically download all of them while the game loads you into the world. However your client_log.txt just cuts off during that phase. The issue could be caused by old and non-updated mods conflicting with the auto-subscribe feature.

I'd recommend you manually subscribe to the mods your friends uses for the server that are tagged all_clients_require_mod and then try joining again.

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