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Crash within the created world

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      Rev 170618


Crash  within the created world

When entering a world is it created by me or by others, the game crashes without displaying any error, if I create the world I'm spaw in the sea along with the portal, however my friends see the portal on land (as photos attached) already tried to uninstall the game, delete the folder on your computer and reinstall the game, however the persisting problem, my friends playing with me both in the world created for them corner created by me, still playing normally, I only introduced error.




Steps to Reproduce

User Feedback

Hello @xlee, welcome to the forums. Did you by any chance make the Don't Starve Together folder in the Documents folder be hidden? Another user from over a year ago experienced the same thing you did and figured out that the issue is from having the game folders hidden. Show below is a snippet of their post:

"As noted by another user with a similar problem, I realized I did the same thing leading up to these issues. In an effort to unclutter my computer/"My Documents" I set almost all of the 25-30 different games folders to "Hidden" so it would look nicer. I tested it out first with Don't Starve to make sure that I still had access to and could play my old saved games despite the hidden folder. Since it worked, I thought everything would be fine. Turns out that's the problem for the world issues we have in Don't Starve Together. As soon as I unhid the Klei folder, this problem went away."

I hope that helps, if it does please report back if it did. If not, attach the server_log.txt of the server you are using which are listed as Cluster_1 if its on the first slot in the Host Game screen and Cluster_2 if its on the second slot and so on. The server_log.txt would be located in Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_1\Master. After a crash happens again, copy the server_log.txt and attach it to your next post.

Good luck, cheers.

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Hello, I not know existed these hidden folders. well, I deleted the game and these hidden folders and went back to install the game, so far the game is running fine.
Thank you so much

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