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[crash] Game crashed twice in a row, not sure why

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Steps to Reproduce
Not modded RoG with compatible to shipwrecked (worlds not connected yet) 11th day, evening, spring on default settings Playing Wigfrid, I was in my base in a pig village (with king) with one pigman allied during evening, then hound warning came, I was holding golden shovel, and was going to dig tree trunk. 10 seconds after hound warning, game crashed. There were also a lot of cats. Game crashed like this, 2 times in a row.

User Feedback

Welcome to the forums, this bug tracker is for Don't Starve Together, should you run into any bugs or issues for Don't Starve/Reign of Giants/Shipwrecked, please post them here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forum/17-don039t-starve-bug-tracker/

Regarding your Shipwrecked report, we are aware of this bug and have a fix for it included in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, we recommend not using that save file for now until the patch rolls out.

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