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Corrupt Save file.

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I don't raelly know how to do actually ask for the problem. So everytime i start a server (my computer) me and my girlfriend can play like for 4-5 days (real-life) and then for no reason this things pops up. I tried to disable all mods. I also tried to redownload and update them. Nothing helped. 
I search for solutions but i dont get any of the other solutions and it would be nice if someone could actually help me (maybe with a step-by-step). 
We really enjoy the game but when we actually build a camp and gathered a lot of stuff the server crashes and i really tried a lot to fix it and relaunch the server. So please. Help us, to play this wonderful game.


Steps to Reproduce
Nothing. I just started Steam. As usual. Opend the Game. As usual. Clicked on "Host Game". As usual. Clicked on "Resume World". As usual. Then Error pops up....soo yeah. Help please :(

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