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cookbook not displaying correct info....

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Does anyone else have this problem? I filled out the cookbook in Don't Starve Together including the warly exclusive recipes but it shows that I have only 51/53 discovered even in the compendium. For the warly ones I have them all filled out but its saying I have 5/11 discovered. Some recipes don't show how I made them either, and on top of that some recipes have a little crockpot icon on them in the upper left of the picture. What do those icon mean? It's really annoying me how it is incorrect and I love to cook in the game but I got tired of going to the wiki to look up the recipes and ingredients all the time. I memorized the main meals I would make often but when I want to make a meal I don't make often and forgot how to make the book isn't showing or helping with that.





Steps to Reproduce

To reproduce this I cook the meal again that has the missing ingredient not showing like stuffed pepper poppers and it still doesn't show how I made it even after I ate it and have made it several times.


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