I have done with the generation of random numbers on DS & DST, it is very highly time-dependent upon the early start of the game. I have experience 3 times of frustrating results of 'random generation'. If you start the game on a certain period of a day (e.g. between 11:00PM to 11:30PM), you will always get the same random. Like, 12 walrus kills drops 0 walrus hat, everyday on the same time. So, can you guys change math.randomseed(os.time()) into math.randomseed(tostring(os.time()):reverse():sub(1,6)) The line 'math.randomseed(os.time())' makes the random generations very time-dependent.  I think you guys know the mechanism of randomseed, don't you? The game should start with a different randomseed on 8:35pm and 8:36pm, isn't it? A simple change will make a big improvement to old DST players and lovers, because people usually launch DST on the same peroid of day after supper. And we want the random results to be real random. As far as i know, math.randomseed(tostring(os.time()):reverse():sub(1,6)) is a better choice. This line of code can obtain 100,000 different randomseeds during 1 single second. I tried to change the line manually, and it worked way better on the gameplay. P.S.: Please also make the change for DS if possible. Thank you!!