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Compatibility suggestion (cooking)

  • Pending

Some food mods may be incompatible.


Jump implement this into the game please. Thanks in advance:


Steps to Reproduce
1. Install some food mod with custom scales.. 2. Install another food mod with custom scales. 3. Second mod will overwrite food scales of the first mod for standard game prefabs (like 'seafood' for fishes and frogs).
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User Feedback

Interesting that you already suggested this back in march...and nothing happend yet -.-
A week ago I also made a bugreport about this :D

And I wrote a function, that the devs can simply add, instead of changing the old functin (which might cause problems):

I already convinced the author of the Waiter Mod to use this and he just published it.
So at least this mod will be compatible to other mods, that also do it right.

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