Client crash when swapping characters via seamlessplayerswapper component

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If the host of a self-hosted caves enabled server swaps characters via the seamlessplayerswapper component their client will freeze up and force shutdown. Nothing in the code would indicate this would go any differently for Wonkey, so this should be encounterable in normal gameplay too. (EDIT: Further testing seems to indicate the crash has to do with specifically admin clients using seamlessplayerswapper via ThePlayer) Doesn't affect other connected clients for whatever reason, they can swap just fine. Reproduced consistently on two different computers both with zero mods enabled.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Start a caves enabled server from the Host Game menu.

2. Upon arriving in-game, input ThePlayer.components.seamlessplayerswapper:_StartSwap("willow") into the console.

3. Either immedietely or a few seconds later the client should freeze up and prompt shutdown.

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