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Cave not saving, reseting every time...

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I've encountered this problem on my latest world.

One on the caves has a glitch, it can't save while I'm inside, and every time I go back in, it generates a new cave:

  • If I save & quit while in the cave, I end up on the 'carving out cave' screen  when I reload the game. I will find myself at the entrance of a NEW cave, inventory all empty.
  • The 'above world' is unaffected, but time freezes while I'm exploring the cave. When I get out of the cave, everything is exactly as I left it, the day is the same, food hasn't perished, even if I spent 10 days underground.
  • If I exit the cave alive, and go back in immediatly, it generates a new cave.

This bug only affects the 2nd cave. The 1st cave I explored earlier in the game is acting normal. I haven't explored the 3rd cave yet.

It's pretty annoying because that cave is right next to my base, and I would like to build an underground base.


I am not using any mods.

Don't starve: Rev. 190713 (2016-09-20_10-54-18) 11:05:36


Steps to Reproduce
I was in a cave fighting slurtles, killed them all, saved & quit. When I reloaded the game later, it generated a new cave, all my inventory was gone, except for willow's lighter, I also lost chester. How to reproduce: Go in the cave, explore, get out. Next time I go in, it generates a brand new cave.

User Feedback

Oh sorry, this issue concerns regular 'Don't Starve', not 'Don't Starve Together'.

I didn't find the right sub-forum though.

Also ROG and SW are disabled.

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Should you run into any issues with Don't Starve, please post any bug reports to our DS Bug Tracker: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forum/17-dont-starve-bug-tracker/

Regarding your reported Don't Starve issue, there seems to be an issue with Steam Cloud saves temporarily. We suggest turning them off. That means though, that you won't easily be able to jump to a different computer and play the same saved game.

To disable the Steam Cloud save on Don't Starve, you need to open the settings.ini file in some TXT editor like Notepad.
Find the settings.ini file here: Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\settings.ini

In that file you will see these lines:

Switch the false to true, so it looks like this:

Then save the file. From there, run the game once more to see if you are able to play without the issue.

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Thanks a lot!

I disabled steam cloud and it indeed fixed the problem :)

For anyone wondering, I still had to copy my save files from Steam\userdata\************\219740\remote\ to  Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save\, if I just disable the steam cloud without doing this, it won't find any save files.

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