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Carrats losing ownership

Red Carnage
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After playing this update I noticed something. Sometimes when I log out, next time I log in I lose ownership of my carrat. It still has the stats and color but it runs away from me and and hide in burrow. Last time I activated race, but then hound wave was aproaching and I had to run away to tooth traps. Then when it was over i came to check my carrat and it was burrowed in the ground. After picking it up I lost ownership of it. Idk if I missed something or its intended, or its a bug.

I even tried to feed it with seeds and it didnt do anything.

Steps to Reproduce
log out of server, then log back or unload area (where is your carrat) then later come back

User Feedback

Ownership of a Carrat is pretty limited. Basically, if you put it on a gym, it wants you to take it off. If you put it in a race, it will bring the prize back to you, but that's about the end of it. 

If you drop a Carrat on the ground, it will run away and burrow. You can collect it again if you know how to get wild Carrats.

Is there another piece of this bug I'm not understanding?

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Might be because winter started, or i left him for too long at gym, while doing other things. But now I know that I can bundle wrap my carrat :)

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