Can't walk over destroyed hay walls

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I played with a friend on a local only server and I built some hay walls, and then attacked them so they can be walked over. I could walk over them no problem but my friend who was the host could not. They were acting as if they were solid. When she made the walls herself and destroyed them she could walk over them and I could walk over them too but after we quit the server and started it up again she can't walk over them anymore while I can walk over any destroyed walls.

Steps to Reproduce
local only server non-host builds hay walls and then destroys them host tries to walk over them - doesn't work host makes the walls and destroyes them - works after disconnecting and reconnecting to server no longer works even with host made walls
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User Feedback

I realize this is a VERY old comment, but I would like to remark that as of the Quality of Life update (and, I think, the one immediately before it), I am having this same problem.

It's happening with me as both the user and the host.  I have caves on.   I get a weird lag sometimes as if I was, in fact, a client on a bad network, walking through a wall and then snapping back.

Unlike the OP, this happens even if I do not restart the server.  It has also happened on multiple worlds.

Happy to provide save files and/or information on mods.  

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