Can't Spawn Maxwell Lights in DST

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As an admin/mod on a dedicated server, I like to make pretty elaborate bases/camps/etc. But recently, I can't spawn in Maxwell Lights to brighten up areas efficiently. The spawn code works fine for other objects, like food or crockpots, but it seems to only effect Maxwell Lights right now.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Open console. 2. Type: c_spawn('maxwelllight_area') 3. Make sure the curser is on an open part of land. 4. Press Enter. 5. ??? 6. Nothing shows up.

User Feedback

Hello @SwampertGirl, welcome to the forums. Sadly this is not a bug, Maxwell Lights is currently not a supported prefab for DST as mentioned by the devs in a previous bug report of the same issue concerning Maxwell Lights (source).

I hope that helps, cheers.

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