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Can't load server

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While I was playing, my laptop powered itself off and now I can't load my game anymore. The error message is "Dedicated Server Failed To Start -- There was some sort of trouble starting the server. Please try again." There were some saves, so I tried rolling back a day. Now all the saves in the list are from the same day (same as the loaded day).

I was playing with a few client mods but no server mods. I tried turning off all the client mods but that did not help.

I am on Ubuntu 16.04 and am posting my server log.

Really hoping there will be some way to recover my game.


Steps to Reproduce
I think it was trying to save when the computer spontaneously powered off, it was at the beginning of a day.

User Feedback

So I am resigned to the fact that the game is lost, but is there any way I can get the map? Like the seed was recorded in the server log somewhere and I can enter that into another file and re-roll the world? I have found several suggestions that this can be done but they are all several years old and currently inaccurate.

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